We undoubtedly live in the information era, where we have 24 hr rolling news and can Google any topic in a matter of milliseconds, but how accurate is this information and indeed can we use it in a significant way? Neuroscientist Daniel Levitin tries to address these themes in “A field Guide to lies &… Read More

Writing comes in many forms, from technical papers to nursery rhymes. Each of these genres come with their own protocols & vocabularies, but one can often distinguish whether something is well written, in the same way we can recognise a well composed piece of music, photo, or beautiful painting. A good piece of Writing, takes… Read More

This was supposed to be a piece on the Chiswick Book Festival until I tuned into Louis Theroux’s post Yewtree programme Looking back on Jimmy Savile on Sunday. Firstly let me state that Theroux has always puzzled me with his faux ingenue fly on the wall style; to sum it up Louis (off the back… Read More

Ok this blog has been a while in gestation (ok 9 months) but you could say I’ve been a bit busy but more of that later. The devil in Mr Jones It was in the early hours of a cold January 16 when the demise of David Bowie flashed across my FB BBC Brasil. I… Read More

I made my  pilgrimage to the Hateful Eight Roadshow matinee at the Leicester Sq. Odeon, paying a King’s ransom (£20) for a stall seat. Disappointingly the Leicester Sq. Odeon proved to be only a slightly chilly  upscale beige version of the Acton Odeon, which I had religiously attended in the sixties,  for the  Saturday morning… Read More

Well this is my second missive from the North albeit chronologically challenged … tings are quite good the weather totally changed and the off-track  pousada (Pousada dos Ventos ) is actually quite beautiful with a garden stuffed with a shedload of assorted art and plants. Leaving Rio in a heatwave of 28C we arrived in João… Read More

  Last nite in Rio watching the Vasco game (away to Cruzeiro last year’s champions of  O Brasileirão) in the BiCopa. I was supposed to be ending it in a swanky restaurant but as expected things went a bit Pete Tong when Yorkshire Bank  blocked my debit card. The funny thing was this was quite… Read More