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Seasons greetings as another annus horribilis draws to a close, on something of a bum note, if you believe that the future of the UK will be diminished by the impending Brexit. The EU fills no one with undiluted pride but it is fairly obvious that many of the problems Planet Earth now faces, cannot be tackled by isolated states & aggressive, unfettered capitalism.

Also the original raison d’être of the Union was to put behind the eviscerating wars that routinely involved major European states.  However in the last election the UK voted to leave, led by a bunch of cynical Oxbridge journalists and a self-deluded fraudster. At this time where we have so much information at our fingertips, and experience (where this has led before,) this needs some explaining.

What do we do about a problem cawled Tony ?

Tony Blair has been shamelessly quick to pin blame on the Corbynista left, without having any mention of his part in the folly. Was it not his market-friendly (self-policing) policies in the Financial sector, coupled with a raft of spending generated from debt, that led to the crash & collapse in 2008, where the betting style banking pigeons came home to roost as with the sobering realised the slew of mortgages, were worthless.? I won´t even mention his pivotal role as the progenitor of ISIS, which led to the death of hundreds of thousands, including innocents in the UK.

Gruelling Austerity

Thus the Tory-led coalition acquired conviction & carte blanche to impose an egregious austerity on the low income and benefit dependent communities in the UK. The fact that these people were victims not instigators was tippexed away, by the sudden fundamentalist lust for financial probity (balancing the books), and hang the social consequences. This was despite the fact that all major economies have perpetually run on the never never. As a result we have more homeless & mentally ill people that ever before, not to mention the national shame of the Foodbanks in an economy that is said to be the 4th largest in the world. Inequality spirals as our children simply can´t afford the Thatcher idyll of homeownership. The prime instigators, the banks, apart from a dodgy knighthood or two being rescinded, will be quaffing down their bonus champagne with their mince pies as they have every year. The best-paid button pushers in the world, continue to trouser their ill-gotten gains into some off-shore nirvana in the Cayman islands.

If you walk down any high street in the UK you will directly see the effects of austerity with the cocktail of empty premises and charity shops staffed by volunteers & forced labour from the ironically named jobcentre.

Balance of defecits

Our urban schools remain overcrowded & violent, shedding teachers by the day. We also still have an undereducated society where people junk themselves onto an increasingly financially voracious NHS, and chase comfort in products they don´t need. We live longer with chronic diseases on a medication that is financially unviable aka the NHS, as the pharmaceutical companies gorge themselves on the ensuing profits. We still have a low productivity as we inflict the contagion of spurious debt on our youngsters who gain degrees but not meaningful or even viable jobs, as the state funds the working poor.

So this is the backdrop of the brave new world of Brexit, which a significant part of the country laid at the door of the EU.


Post-election there was no hiding the fact that the North of England deserted the Labour party in their droves, bringing into sheer relief the long-standing rift between the two Englands, North and South. This schism goes back to the industrial revolution and beyond and it has always been grim up North as the metal bashing and manufacturing industries turned out products for the South, who often grew rich as merchants leant money to these fledging industries and exported. As usual there was very little trickle up to the North where people barely eked out an existence in keeping these industries ticking over. Up to today many of those industries have gone as manufacturing relocated to more lucrative landscapes leaving an inheritance of markedly thin gruel for those left behind. Infrastructure, Housing, Healthcare, Education, life expectancy; name any socio-economic barometer and the North lags substantially behind. So it was hardly surprising that the core Labour vote turned it´s back on Corbyn, as he huffed, puffed, fiddled, twisted and failed to come up with a cogent policy; they voted for the public school Billy Bunter character instead.

Media via

I had said previously ever the optimist, maybe we had all underestimated Corbyn & he might be playing a blinder: However, I always had misgivings, as apart from platitudes he really failed to lead the people of Grenfell Tower. Grenfell would have been a perfect opportunity to sharpen his socialist teeth on, with a swingeing legal & moral analysis of the culpability of the organisations and individuals involved. Instead, he sat behind a toothless mayor, who doesn´t even support him.

The Jewish thing also showed was how Corbyn seemed incapable of putting out a fire that literally had the substance of la la land.

Despite more than his fair share of detractors, I was willing to give Corbyn the benefit of the doubt, but this damming verdict from his Labour heartland leads me to conclude, they were right about Corbyn´s hapless leadership and suicidal hubris. Surely he must have been aware from the Labour canvassing, how his neutral stance was playing out on the Northern doorsteps.


Ok done dusted where do we go from here?

Well I made my decision a couple of years ago with my feet & left. However that does not remain an option for the majority, and indeed many of my friends have Northern roots. Under Doris I see more rhetorically driven incompetence, as the Tories half-heartedly try to fix things that quite frankly they don´t give a damn about anyway; if the NHS collapses, just think of the financial pickings for his school chums. The sums don´t add up as we will slap a few billion here, a few billion there instead of teaching our people to come off junk, do some exercise or even cook. Instead I see a steady deterioration as Boris tries to square a financial circle he (or Sajid Javid) simply isn´t qualified to tackle.

Mind the Gap

As for the north. I see nothing changing. The South as usual will continue to suck the money out of a marginalized economy , as it seeks to keep up with developments in the EU. Before his timely absconding to the Evening Standard Osborne continually banged on about his Northern Powerhouse which turned out to be nothing more than HS2 & a cross Pennine motorway, To mix metaphors the road to Leeds is paved with good intentions. Under these circumstances, the North has no option but to establish it´s own revenue-generating  Parliament to fund their rebirth a la Singapore. This will undoubtedly involve strong Educational links into the EU.

Connected States

My own fields of Education & Science can´t change, as collaboration between various organisations & workers is and always has been built into the rubric. Marconi developed his phone in England not Italy. Conrad was Polish as were the Pilots in RAF Northolt. The two American interventions are reasons we don´t speak German. We welcomed the Kinder & Basque children here. The Notting Hill Carnival brings over a million people annually into London (yet all we talk about is Glastonbury). Our script & 20% of our language is derived from Roman Latin. Shakespeare wrote about a connected Europe with Moors, Jews & Italians, Greeks etc. Immigration is the lifeblood of any country, cf. US. This little islander mentality is not & never has been, true and will surely die over the course of time.  Pre-Internet the UK had a pretty closed education system, where you could propagate & sustain the nation-state myth of us and the rest. But now anyone can just Google the truth. This probably explains the age element in the vote but it´s a shame that not one politician was able to articulate these truths over the cacophonic psychobabble of Nigel & his hypocritic schemers.


It´s the season of peace & goodwill and God knows we need some after three years of internecine wars over Brexit. Corbyn is supposed to be a decent geezer and no doubt his family suffered under the continual barrage of negativity he endured. But as I don´t see things improving soon you can only lament Corbyn´s lost opportunity. Happy New Year?

Hippy nu gear?

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