Gaming systems Blues

It´s election day in Spain; things have frozen with none of the parties having a workable majority. I fear an early morning pall of smoke hovering above the parliament in Madrid, as the horse-trading continues long into the night. This arithmetic muddle is the norm in Spain and something, we may have to become accustomed to in Blighty. The (gamed) first past the post system seems to have lost its efficacy, as we flounder from one sea of uncertainty and confusion to another, against a shipping forecast based on increasingly suspect polling… but enough of the Labour party.

It´s nearly two years since I left the sceptered isle, and have watched as the poorly scripted revival of a Brian Rix (Farage) has played out every possible pantomime paradigm possible. But after two years, and with an upcoming election & the publishing of the Grenfell Tower 1st report, I felt I could keep the silence no moh.

The gift … Rees-Mogg

 The Conservatives have kicked off the election season with the uber faux pas of faux pas, courtesy of that hardy perennial of cartoon-like parody, Rees Mogg.  He opined that it would have been common sense for the Grenfell victims to have ignored the Fire Brigade instructions and have tried to leave the building. Notwithstanding that the lift seldom worked, and it would have meant elderly & registered disabled residents having to claw their way down 20 odd blocked flights, rapidly being enveloped by a broth of blinding, choking plastic fug of hot smoke. The obvious subtext (conveniently ignored by most newspapers) is that the inherent fallibility of lower classes had pre-ordained them to die.

Lord of the flies

What the media failed to pick up on was that Rees-Mogg was not a singular random POV but a result of the hierarchical belief system, firmly embedded at the heart of the Public-school system, where the upper classes do their best (white man´s burden?) to prevent the primaeval pond-life masses, destroying thousands of years of civilization, by their errant ways, beliefs and worthless lack of class. Leaving aside that Rees-Mogg´s assertion was characteristically contradictory in asking the lower orders to ignore the advice of their betters. In public school you are soon appraised of the idea that there are the savages, peasants, and then … us (aka civilization). The Conservative cabinet is rammed with the progeny of this Oxbridge axiom. Funnily enough the token ethnic cabinet members come from a culture which has an even more psychotic belief (caste) system,  where the plebs are christened untouchable from birth. Hence despite Sajid Javid´s pathetic tweet that Hugh Grant had class snubbed him at a presentation party, I´m not holding my breath over any Tory cabinet defections to Liberal Democrats any time soon.

Grenfell da Movie

The Grenfell situation is very close to my heart as I continue to remember those scary TV images from the early hours, which seemed like a promo for the sequel to Jewison´s Towering Inferno, or Howard´s Backdraft.. It was hard to believe that watching a building explode like a torch was Notting Hill real politic and not some state of the art ILM CGI. As the building arced into a hi-rise charcoal crematorium the tabloids were soon quick to kick off the blame game, where villainy lay only a fridge or an eye witness interview away.

Indeed there were heroes & heroines on the night, but what emerged afterward was the extremely prejudicial classist attitude & policy of Chelsea & Kensington council, who seemed to feel that these migrant low lives should be profoundly grateful they had a cherished postcode, and a reasonably priced (eyesore) garret over their head in the second richest borough in London. The irony that the council had tried to candy coat heir own folly, by criminally entombing the tower from hell in plastic, must have been completely lost in those Council meetings to commission an illegal cladding, to assuage the visual sensibilities of their ₤4m council taxpayers.

Whirlpool, which supplied the Hotpoint model in Mr Kebede’s flat, is now at the centre of a major wrongful death lawsuit in the US brought by more than 200 survivors and bereaved families.

Cold pudding;Johnson x Corbyn

Coming back to the elections I´m still incredulous the man who left London without a ladder to help these poor people, (yes another Oxbridge acolyte) emerged relatively unscathed from his Prime minister´s questions encounter with Corbyn when the 1st report was published. Corbyn failed land a single tangible blow on Johnson´s bloated corpse. Either I missed the attack, or as is often the case, the so-called impartial BBC editing was the culprit. Corbyn singularly failed to engage Johnson on his direct culpability as the Mayor of London, and his egregious 2013 cuts to the London Fire Service.

Metaphorically he ensured we sent Fire-fighters into a Towering inferno with a B&Q firehose and an Amstrad level communication system. If there had been a plan even?. But how do plan for a building encased in flammable plastic, where the lifts don’t work & the staircase is clogged with massive piping works, and low mobility pensioners reside at the top?

Don´t get me wrong like many I agree with many of Corbyn´s policies but on Grenfell & Brexit he has been found consistently and woefully wanting. Horrified at Billy Bunter & his Oxbridge bounders, I often see the Labour party as an ill-fitting cheap suit. My own peccadillos being IT & Education.

Sang froid

Maybe I´m wrong; Corbyn could have played a blinder by sitting on the on Brexit fence , (@ 16:1 & consistent polling fallibility. I´m still tempted) but his approach to Grenfell has left me very doubtful. Will the people who created this nightmare ever be brought to book? Will the Oxbridge Darwinist (fanatics) continue to hold sway over a depressingly psychotic and fundamentally split UK culture? I have my doubts.

Country matters

 One thing I´m sure of is that Greta Thunberg is not the answer, you. It may be too late for Brexit, but please go out and vote these vile Oxbridge & caste system cunts out of history on December 12. Your country needs your vote to end the longest-running and nastiest farce in British politics. May the farce not be with you for much longer, so to speak.

 Having lived in the UK many years I´m all too well acquainted with the hate culture that despises the Irish, immigrants, asylum seekers, the next door neighbour´s roller., those pesky millionaire black footballers. Leaving the EU has created a bogyman vacuum which is already has been replaced by the war between remainers (surrenderers) and leavers.

Here is a prediction. The infighting will continue.Who knows one day after these dinosaurs have died off, sanity may be restored; an election will produce a common sense party & return us to the only a Union that makes sense both politically & historically. It gives me no pleasure writing this obituary to a ex , but the fact is that the UK, despite our much-vaunted & beloved NHS is still a country of divide & rule, where certain people simply don´t matter.


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