2019 will go down as a year of many personal discoveries. Evan scent: I happened on an online blues jazz course which turned me onto jazz on a much more mechanistic level, thus I discovered the genius of Bill Evans. Evans was a contemporary of Miles (Davis) but whilst Miles had the looks of a… Read More

About My annus! Seasons greetings as another annus horribilis draws to a close, on something of a bum note, if you believe that the future of the UK will be diminished by the impending Brexit. The EU fills no one with undiluted pride but it is fairly obvious that many of the problems Planet Earth… Read More

Gaming systems Blues It´s election day in Spain; things have frozen with none of the parties having a workable majority. I fear an early morning pall of smoke hovering above the parliament in Madrid, as the horse-trading continues long into the night. This arithmetic muddle is the norm in Spain and something, we may have… Read More

Ok it´s been a while and a few things have happened … or not like Brexit and the release of the uber noughty buoy Assange, but that will lie in a future post when the curtain goes down on Act III.  I was kinda brought up on films rather than books and at one time… Read More

Language I’ve been trying to learn a new language, (Castillian) Spanish, & have come across some fairly interesting stuff which you probably won’t find in the text books (but is out on the internet). So this follows on from my series about Good Writing but examines at the more atomic level of language, and how… Read More

Following my mother’s heart attack I have had to take diet very seriously and indeed this piece comes after four month’s research which culminated in a Japan Foundation “ Is Japanese food healthy ?” talk by Prof.Ole Mouritsen. A few month’s ago I found out that UK Afro-Caribbeans and Sub-Continental Asians are twice as prone… Read More

This wasn’t supposed to be a trilogy, but hey, as Al Pacino said (GFII) jus wen ya tink ur out, dey just keep dun drawing yo back in (notwithstanding there might be an epilogue). In my first article I outlined some benchmarks for good writing. In the second I applied them to Neuro Scientist Daniel… Read More

My father (Luis) was a child war refugee. Franco, Hitler, and Mussolini had beguiled the world of their innocence, while the reality was the suffering of my father and other children. Four thousand Basque children had arrived in Britain from Spain in 1937, leaving behind the atrocities of a civil war. In 1938, they were… Read More