Well this is my second missive from the North albeit chronologically challenged … tings are quite good the weather totally changed and the off-track  pousada (Pousada dos Ventos ) is actually quite beautiful with a garden stuffed with a shedload of assorted art and plants. Leaving Rio in a heatwave of 28C we arrived in João… Read More

  Last nite in Rio watching the Vasco game (away to Cruzeiro last year’s champions of  O Brasileirão) in the BiCopa. I was supposed to be ending it in a swanky restaurant but as expected things went a bit Pete Tong when Yorkshire Bank  blocked my debit card. The funny thing was this was quite… Read More

Managed to get out of Rio without much damage: having left in 31 degree heat to arrive in torrential rain in Joao de Pessoa, the forecast was ominous another week of clouds and more rain. The taxi charged us R$130 to the pousada with the driver suggesting it would be cheaper not to use the… Read More

Ok last nite in Rio and it’s been bit it of a whirlwind up  to now; the weather has been cold and very windy. I actually had to postpone the trip to Angara do Reis as the  weather was so bad, and I didn’t  fancy spending all day drinking beer and shivering on a boat.… Read More

Well a  birthday in Rio is a first but it’s accompanied by all too famiiar English weather;  (Overcast windy and barely 21C). Anyway I ended up in Lapa against my better judgement on Sunday nite as the 433  disgorged me into a pretty murky street illuminated only by the sign Nova Capel It appeared a… Read More

Ok just fresh from the third yoga session with the lissome Romina Pey. Pretty much of the same ; breath exercises (I think it was 4-12-8-2  rather than 4-4-2), nostril work (this time using a mudra grip,  a bridge) , a humble warrior a random DD albeit held for olympic time  and a pigeon with… Read More

Its Monday 3 days without being officially robbed . Actually cool in Rio but thank God I got out of Ealing. Sitting in a fairly working class barzinho Bicopa, the bar man punched a drunk the other night … all five foot of him … the waiter Rogeirio that is. Maybe I’m not Brazil’s Hemingway but… Read More