About My annus! Seasons greetings as another annus horribilis draws to a close, on something of a bum note, if you believe that the future of the UK will be diminished by the impending Brexit. The EU fills no one with undiluted pride but it is fairly obvious that many of the problems Planet Earth… Read More

Gaming systems Blues It´s election day in Spain; things have frozen with none of the parties having a workable majority. I fear an early morning pall of smoke hovering above the parliament in Madrid, as the horse-trading continues long into the night. This arithmetic muddle is the norm in Spain and something, we may have… Read More

You probably will rarely find the name Chopin and John Coltrane in the same sentence but in many ways, these musical giants, bookend my musical direction of travel, over a lifetime. I just got the Blues I remember my road to Damascus moment at a Gary Moore concert many years ago in Montreux Switzerland. I… Read More

It´s Easter hols, I´m stuck on a Ryanair flight trying to draw breath; surely the slaves on the ships from Africa had more room? I could go into a rant about Ryanair being a baggage company thinly disguised as airline, but why bother when they are so frequently in the local news & on telly;… Read More

Ok it´s been a while and a few things have happened … or not like Brexit and the release of the uber noughty buoy Assange, but that will lie in a future post when the curtain goes down on Act III.  I was kinda brought up on films rather than books and at one time… Read More

Having done no research, we booked two trips in Marrakesh with our agent, one to the mountains, the second to Esauria (round about 65€ each). I had asked for the blue city, which is near Casablanca but was offered a three-hour drive to Essaouiria instead (an almost blue city). The trip to the mountains was… Read More

Salam Aleikum from a freezing Marrakech. This was supposed to be an educational blog about the vicissitudes of teaching English in the Spanish State system, but as they say, I´ll save that till later when I have more evidence-based content, however what I have gleaned so far: • Our (CEIP) students are natively bi-lingual as… Read More

I was in a Zumba class the other day, hopelessly mincing about at the back, as the ghetto-blaster pumped out the dirge that is mambo no 5 by a certain Lou Bega. Not only is this beat not Mambo, but also I found myself consistently always behind the instructor’s steps. I was not particularly caught… Read More